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Yocian Uncien Entertainment

Yocian Uncien

Yocian Uncien Entertainment Yocian Uncien Entertainment

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About Yocian:

"I truly understand your situation that I am in no way attempting to interfere with. You have your issues I understand. I know you're in no position to even talk with or befriend me. That's cool because I have no hidden motives to get in or anything from you.. I just thought that you would be a fun person to just chat with from time to time away from my demanding life. Which is to say that I of course have my on issues. I'm not saying good-bye to you because I've excepted you into my circle as an associate or possible friend? I don't have time to play games. Not insinuating that you are about mischief. Just letting you know that It's more to me than what you get from the average person that you may come across in everyday life. I like to think of myself as someone people can count on for advise or just to be there to say everything will be ok. Don't be afraid that I can read you. I won't use it to my advantage. I don't need leverage. I would say that I like you but I don't know you? I'm curiously intrigued but cautious if that makes any sense to you lol. And you're daringly cute! Mentally cute and looking for someway to mature because you're tired of the treatment you receive in your private life. You wanna do right. I know you try to but it feels so good being promiscuous.(there's no harm in that) I'm just letting you know that if you're ready to step into a new world or the next level (real men)????? Trust me. If you're not then don't fuck with me because I'll destroy you mentally. No I'm not a playa' but I'm very familiar with male/female anatomy (wink). I know the difference between wants and needs..."

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